2.1 General Notes on Showing

As you have seen in the overview, SoftProjector has 3 areas, schedule area, prepare area and live area. To show something on the screen, simply follow the steps:

  1. From prepare area, select what you what to show.
  2. Each tab in prepare area has a "Go Live". Press "Go Live" button to start displaying what you have selected to show.
  3. To switch next slide, select next item in the "Live List".
  4. When finished showing, press "Show Passive Screen" menu button or just press "Esc" key on the keyboard.

Live Control Area

Title: displays what is showing with corresponding type icon.

Live List: contains items that are displayed. When showing is active, changing any selection, will change what is on the display screen to newly selected item. Note: When playing video, live list will be empty and to control video playback, video controls will be visible, More on video page.

Go Live Button: This button is on every tab. Pressing it will start display of selected item from current tab.