Updating / Importing Modules


When updating from one version to another. It is highly recommended to export all your songbooks and saving then in know location, before upgrading or installing new version of softProjector.

  1. Export:
    1. Go to Edit>ManageDatabase
    2. Select "Bibles" to export bible, select "Songbooks" to export songbook
    3. Select bible or songbook to export
    4. Click on "Export" button
    5. In the Save Window, enter file name and click save
  2. Unistall old version of SoftProjector
  3. Install new version of SoftProjector
  4. Import:
    1. Go to Edit>ManageDatabase
    2. Select "Bibles" to import bible, select "Songbooks" to import songbook
    3. Click on "Import" button
    4. Select bible(*.spb) or songbook(*.sps) to import
    5. Click "Open"

Importing data

  1. Open Manage Database Dialog. Edit>Manage Database
  2. Click on Import button. (To import Bibles, use Bibles tab, for songbooks, use Songbooks tab)
  3. Select the file you want to import and click open
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for any additional Bibles or songbooks that needs to be imported.

Note: You may also use "Download/Import" button in Manage Database window to download modules and import them in a single step.