• Can display Bible verses, songs, picture slideshows, play audio and video files, and announcements
  • Supports up to 2 display screens
  • Each display screen can have individual settings (background, font, font color, and test location)
  • Download and import bibles/songbooks/themes from online
  • Themes
  • Static or fade transition
  • Text shadowing
  • Black or image background
  • Passive(when not showing text) and Active(when showing text) backgrounds
  • Separate theme settings for Bible, songs and announcements
  • Single file database
  • Manage database
  • Set amount of screen to use for Bible and songs
  • Preview what you want to show before you will show
  • Print current Bible chapter, song and announcement


  • Service Schedule
  • Can print Schedule
  • Save and re-open schedule
  • Add bible verses, songs, announcements, picture slideshows and media items to schedule
  • Order schedule items by moving them up/down
  • Remove one item or clear entire schedule

Bible Features

  • Support unlimited count of Bible versions
  • More than 270 Bibles are available
  • Display up to 6 Bible versions (up to 3 version on one screen)
  • Bible display history
  • Clear display history
  • Full Bible search
  • Fast verse finding
  • Import/Export Bibles
  • Different text settings for verse text and caption

Song Features

  • Supports unlimited amount of songbooks
  • Work with one songbook or all imported songbooks at once
  • Add/Edit/Copy/Delete songs
  • Import/Export songbooks
  • Automatic chorus repeat after each verse
  • Automatically show song ending
  • Can show song numbers/ tune/ stanza titles
  • Fast title/number search
  • Full song test search
  • Song counter
  • Different text settings for verse/ending/caption(song numbers..)
  • 8 different song ending options +1(no song ending)

Picture Slideshow Features

  • Add/Edit/Delete slideshows
  • Store slideshows in database
  • Can show slideshows without saving into database
  • Move slide to get needed order
  • Support .jpg, .png, .tiff, .gif, .svg and many other formats

Media Features

  • Play Audio and Video files *(codec support will depend on installed backend: DivX, FFShow, ect))
  • Can save links to files in database (Media Library)
  • Drag-n-Drop files into media player

Announcement Features

  • Add/Edit/Copy/Delete announcements
  • Multi slide announcements