SoftProjector 2
an open source media presentation software


SoftProjector is a compact and easy to use software that allow to project Songs, Bible text, Picture slideshows, to the screen during services. It is distributed for free of any charge. So please spread the word about this little, easy to use program.

Key Features

  • Cross platform - can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux - others have not been tested
  • All data in one database for ease of use
  • Show up to six Bible versions at the same time (3 on one screen)
  • Unlimited support of Bibles and Songs
  • Special corresponding between bible verses
  • Easily create your own songbooks
  • Show songs within moments
  • Show your own announcements
  • Export your songbooks so other could use them too
  • Save and open SoftProjector schedules
  • Play Media Files
  • Show picture slideshows
  • Download and import Bibles and Song directly from online
  • Prints Bible chapter, Song, Announcement and Service Schedule
  • Detailed list of features is here